Safety Policy

Al Jazira Orbit Group (JOG) safety policy seeks to provide safe and healthy working conditions and enlist the active support of all staff in achieving these ends. JOG from the inceprion through its organizational arrangements, take all practicable steps to ensure the health and safety at work of its employees, andall persons liely to be affected by its activities, including clients, sub contractors and, where appropriate, the public, and in particular will provide.

The objectives of the policy are:

To maintain safe and healthy work place. And also safe system and methods of work.

♦   To protect staff and others, including the public from foreseeable work hazards on the site.

♦   To equip the staff with the information, instructions, training and supervision needed for safe working.

♦   To provide and maintain a safe and healthy working enviornment for staff with adequate facilities and arrangements for their welfare.

♦   To make staff aware of their individual responsibility to take all reasonable care for teh health and safety of themselves and others who may affected by their acts of omission at           work and to co-operate with the management and other staff in matter of safety.

♦   Safe Tools / appliances suitable to the task intended.

         We recognizes that the protection of health and safety of its employees and others involved in, or affected by its operations, and the protection of the enviornment are an          integrated part of the company business performance and a prime responsibility of the management at every level in order to achieve accident free and enviornmentally          friendly business.



♦  JOG shall ensure that all JOG shall ensure that all JOG personnel wil ladhere safety rules and loss prevention procedures as outlined in JOG Safety Guidelines, which was issues        to safety officers and site supervisors by the JOG safety dept.

♦  JOG Shall be responsible for the safety of his personnel on the jobsite and shall ensure proper safety equipment is worn.

♦  JOG shall be responsible for obtaining at his own expense, all clearance documents, including but without limitations: personnel ID cards, vehicle clearance documents, gate-         passes, work permits, etc.

♦  It shall be JOG responsibility to visit the jobsite and verify all information regarding site conditions, accessibility, adjoining structures anddimensional accuracy of all drawings         prior to submitting his bid and or starting a job.

♦  JOG shall indicate and identify the person who will be on site at all times in a supervisor capacity ans is authorized to receive a Contractor Work Permit.

♦  JOG shall be responsible for keeping the work area ina a clean condition. All trash, rags, paper and other discarded materials are to be picked up and placed in designated         containers for removal.

♦  All solid and liquid waste should be disposed in the appropriate disposal locations designated by the Main Contractor.

♦  JOG must report to the respective Area Managers and Engineer to Maintenance Building, to provide manpower list daily of personnel working at project site. This list to be         submitted must accurately reflects the names and badge numbers of personnel working in project site on specify day.

♦  JOG personnel are not allowed to leave their jobsite without and wander around in the project area, nor sleep within the project site area.

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