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HINDUSTAN ELECTRICALS  is a professionally managed company operating from Mumbai, India and carrying out electrical and instrumentation turnkey jobs and having vast experience in project management, project execution, testing and commissioning of various projects in petrochemicals, chemicals, engineering and other industrial projects and has served esteemed clients in India and world wide. Mr. Prabhakar Moses is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hindustan Electricals. Whether you have new project, expansion, revamping or modernisation, HE has the facilities and services right from preparation of Project Plans/budgets to Commissioning. With an array of experienced professional team, HE begins working for you even before the project actually starts 


Their Services are:

  Preparation of project estimates and schedules.

  Provide technical services for carrying out the detailed engineering from concept to commissioning.

  In-plant procurement and vendor selection and recommendations by providing suitable technical guidance.

  Plant erection and commissioning.

  Plant modernization/modification in a professional manner maintaining utmost quality assurances and at competitive rates.

  Organize third party inspection agencies and get approval

  Construction activities as per the Quality Assurance Plans (QAP)

  Guidance to maintain all statuary requirements as per government rules and regulations

  Operation & Maintenance of electrical switchgears, transformers, VFD, UPS, DG Set, MCC, PCC and other electrical equipment


A team of highly skilled and experienced technical personnel. A well trained pool of Electricians, Instrument Technicians, Welders, Fitters and Semi-skilled workers are on the permanent roll which can be easily augmented on short notice. (Details enclosed) 

They undertake the following types of Contracts on Electrical and instrumentation.They undertake the following types of Contracts on Electrical and instrumentation. 


  •   Design, Supply, Erection, testing, commissioning upto 33 KV systems.
  •   Design, Supply, Erection, testing, commissioning of H.T., L.T. Transformers, H.T. Switchgears, Power Control Centers, Motor Control Centers, Local Control Panels, Transformer -       Rectifiers, H.T. & L.T. Capacitors, Cathodic protector, Uninterrupted Power supply, Diesel Generating Station and Fire Alarm works.
  •   Design, Supply, Erection, testing, commissioning of all instrumentation panels, including DCS System.
  •   Supply and laying of H.T, L.T. and Instrumentation cables and termination.
  •   Supply, Calibration, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of all instruments.
  •   Design, Supply, Installation, testing, commissioning of lighting for all offices, plant Laboratory and road lighting.
  •   Design, supply and laying of earthing system
  •   Design, supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of flameproof equipments suitable for Gas groups IIa IIb.



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