Corporate Capability

Al-Jazira Orbit Group is a wholly Saudi Establishment with a wide experience in Construction, Maintenance and Testing in Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical work. We have been engaged in operation and maintenance services with major organisations such as Saudi ARAMCO, SECO & SABIC since 2001. Jazira Orbit Group is also involved in Technical Assistance to the projects on long and short term basis within the oil, petrochemical and the private industry sectors of Saudi Arabia.

The scopes of the general services provided are outlined here under:


  Construction of mechanical work, shop buildings.

  Installation of fire water sprinkler systems and irrigation systems.

  Installation of sweet and raw water pipe lines.

  Installation of sewerage pipe lines.

  Sandblasting and painting of industrial pipelines and equipment etc.

  On site fabrication and erection of process piping.

  Gas Pipelines installation with 100% radiography.

  Hydro cutting ( Cold cutting ) and demolition of large vessels in high risk areas.

  Operation & Maintenance of Motors,Pumps, Mechanical Equipments


  Jazira Orbit Grouphas many years of experience covering oil and petrochemical plant shutdowns.

  We have experience and resources to address the shutdown requirements of schedule urgency, quality and safety.

  Our work has involved changing and installing pressure relief valves and emergency isolation valves in all columns and drums, repair of column liners, bubble caps, man ways and distributors

  Servicing of Electrical Equipments, Instrument's, etc.


  Complete electrical contracting of residential,commercial and industrial facilities.

  Installation of all electrical switch gears.

  Installation of U.P.S systems.

  Laying and termination of MV/LV Cables.

  Installation of complete grounding system.

  Installation of flame proof equipment for hazardous area.

  Instalation of fire water sprinkler systems and irrigation systems.

  Overhead and underground distribution systems upto 35kV, including laying, termination and connection of cable and installation of poles, transformers, distribution cabinets, meters and       substation rooms.

  Testing and commisioning of all of the above systems.

  Maintenance and operation of critical facilities and plants.


  Jazira Orbit Group has has completed numerous projects comprising of installation and maintenance of instrumentation systems.


  Installation of Chiller capacity upto 800TR.

  Installation of AHU, FCU, Package unit, CRAH units, Ducting and chilled water pipe line.

  Operation and Maintenance services of complete HVAC systems.

  Operation and Maintenance of cooling towers and chiller units

  Installation and Maintenance of leak detection system.


  Site Development and survey including back filling of "murram", compacting and leveling for project site.

  Construction of Residential buildings, Villas, Plant Buildings, Administrative Buildings, Sub Stations, etc.

  Foundation's for Transformer, Heavy Equipment, Street Light Poles and Raft Foundations.

  Hollow brick work, Shuttering and Steel fixing, External & Internal plastering.

  Concreting of slabs, water proofing, installation of precast walls and slab.


 JOG has a fleet of busses with licensed drivers which are used to transort staff to various sites and also available on hire for reputed companies.

                 List of Vehicles:

          1.  Mini Bus  -  5 Nos
          2.  AC Bus  -  25 Nos
          3.  Passenger Bus  -  40 Nos
                    a. 56 Seater  -  28 Nos
                    b. 68 Seater  -  12 Nos
          4.  Trailer 26 cum  -  13 Nos
          5.  Backhoe  -  3 Nos
          6.  Rock Breaker  -  2 Nos
          7.  Showel  -  2 Nos
          8.  15 Ton Fork Lift  -  1 Nos

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